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Signatures for Save the Theater of Mesen!

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11 StephaneDe Pauw  
12 KevUK This beautiful building has been torn apart! The chapel and was left of the windows were destroyed without a care. So please show some compassion over the theater and what's remaining. STOP hurting Lede and the people who live there. It is a crime.
13 GuyBrisard This is one of the grand places of Mesen that has to be renovated ! Enough destruction at this amazing place !!
14 DirkBrisard Beleidsmensen van Lede,laat dit NIET slopen!
15 TinaVan Campenhout Hope it helps!
16 beckytriest  
17 christophecatteeuw  
18 EddyMels  
19 Willy BackerOverbeek  
20 gielde meyer